Essences From the Australian Bush

Herbal Teas, Powders, Essential Oils and Floral Water - Fashioned from Australian Native Botanicals

Essences From the Australian Bush

Herbal Teas, Powders, Essential Oils and Floral Water - Fashioned from Australian Native Botanicals

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About Us

Essences From the Australian Bush is founded on the belief that there is incredible potential in our native botanicals for a range of uses across health, horticulture, pet care and cooking.

We are excited to bring you Essences From the Australian Bush’s Botanical Teas, Botanical Powders, Essential oils and Floral Water ethically sourced from around Australia.

We bring you hand picked and crafted native botanical teas and powders, essential oils and beautiful floral water to enhance your home and lifestyle.

Check out the video below to find out more about the trees what type of plants these Australian essential oils come from

I own and operate a busy café in Gawler S.Aust., and my specialty is gluten free cakes with a very low sugar content. These cakes are often enhanced with Australian Native Food products making then available to the wider community and to those who have dietary issues. The Australian Native Food products gives the cakes a unique flavour with a natural sweetness. I choose to use only the freshest and the best products and I find that the dried berries, powders and teas from Essences of the Australian Bush gives me the quality I need especially when fresh is not available so I can produce my cakes all year round. The proof is in the eating; so come on in and try them.

~ Gayle Joyce ~
Poetic Justice Café Gallery

I have been a qualified chef for twenty years and have just started using Don’s herbs and powders. I find them very easy to use and the range of different products are amazing. I found the gluten free products were very well accepted on my menu.

~ Troy Kent ~
Head Chef, White Lion Hotel

I’ve been lucky enough to be part of the ‘taste test team’ when new products are trialled using the Australian Native Powders and Dried Berries being produced by Essences from the Australian Bush’. All I can say is Wow! Why haven’t we done much more with these flavour essences. ~ Roy Ledgard ~

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