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Anethole one of the main chemical properties occurs naturally in Aniseed, Anise, Sweet Fennel and Basil. It is purported to be calminative, antiseptic, bactericide and is used as an insecticide and in the perfumery industry.

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Backhousia Anisata Oil, also known as Aniseed Myrtle can grow to 20 meters and has small creamy flowers in late spring to early summer.  Its dense foliage is similar to the Lillypilli family, however what makes this tree spectacular is the deep red to maroon new growth tips.  The name aniseed tree comes from the strong anise flavor of the leaves.  Whilst the mature leaves have an overpowering taste the soft new tips are an absolute delight for anyone who enjoys the flavor of aniseed.  We now call it the ‘lolly tree’ (candy) as we walk past often and pop a small tip into our mouths for an instant refreshing treat. It has traditionally been used for its anti-septic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and uplifting properties. This stunning rain-forest tree has strong aniseed scented leaves that make a delicious refreshing aniseed tea. The leaves are often used for flavoring desserts, sauces and preserves and is a divine taste sensation for lovers of aniseed. It’s sweet licorice scent is perfect for calming before sleep as well as masking other scents. Previously known as Backhousia anisata it has recently had a name change to Syzygium anisatum, with common names ringwood and aniseed tree. It is a rare Australian rain-forest tree with an aromatic leaf that has an essential oil profile comparable to true aniseed. The leaf from cultivated plantations is used as a bush food spice and distilled for the essential oil. The essential oil has a sweet licorice flavor and was first discovered in 1949.  The essential oil is crystal clear.  Whilst a very small amount of this essential oil is pleasant and regarded as safe to use it should be mentioned that Anethole in concentrated amounts has a known anesthetizing effect.  The essential oil is used in the fragrance and flavoring industries.  Traditionally Aboriginal people used it medicinally as a tonic which had a vitalizing effect. The mature leaves are typically dried and milled used as a tea or flavor ingredient or steam distilled to obtain anise myrtle essential oil. Anise myrtle leaves can be harvested all year, however their essential oil content can vary seasonally.​ There is little known about traditional uses of aniseed myrtle, although it has been reported that the trees were harvested during World War 2, when aniseed flavoring was in short supply. The leaves are believed to have been made into a tonic with a vitalizing effect.  In an oil burner, vaporizer, potpourri, massage oil, bath. Add a few drops to a food mix for a wonderful Anise flavor or mask a bad flavor. Used sparingly in washing products to eradicate or mask bad smells. Use in cleaning animals and animal kennels. Pure Anisata essential oil is very powerful so must be used sparingly, one drop at a time to required taste or consistency. Anise myrtle is viewed a traditional bush tucker food of Australia.


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