Cascade Dried Berries


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Fruit of Syzgium cascade. Cascade is a beautiful small shrub with mid-sized glossy apple green leaves with attractive red and pink new growth. Spectacular pink powder-puff flowers in summer are followed by pinkish fruits that are edible and attract birds. Has a lovely weeping habit, with many flushes of coloured new growth, and has a thick bushy habit. Good for sun to part shade in most soil types. Tolerant of light frosts and is psyllid resistant. Has a non-aggressive root system. Fertilise through the warm months once established. It is a cross between Syzygium leuhmanii and wilsonii.

The subtle Riberry taste make cakes and milk drinks to a child’s delight. Full of everything that only the Australian Bush can produce. This is the result of two Lilly Pilly being crossed giving the Riberry taste of Syzgium luehmannii and the sweetness of Syzgium willsonii, a marriage made in heaven.

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