Riberry Powder


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Common Names: Small-leafed Lillypilly, Cherry Satinash, Cherry Alder or Clove Lillypilly.

Traditional uses/preparation: The fruit is eaten raw when ripe.  The fruit is more commonly used to make sauces, drinks, jam and
chutney or the whole fruit blended for use in ice-cream, tarts, chocolates and cakes. The attractive bright red to pink, pear-shaped fruits are rarely used as fresh fruit but
are available fresh or frozen.  We now have them available as a dried berry as well.
Description: A beautiful and commonly grown medium-sized rain-forest tree with new growth changing through several colours. A very dense tree, usually narrow in habit, but can be pruned easily to shape.
White flowers in late spring or early summer are followed by masses of pink to bright red pear-shaped fruit about 6–12 mm long and 5–10 mm diameter with white flesh and a spicy cinnamon/
clove flavouring.

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