Rosella Spice Powder


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Did you know that the young leaves and tender shoots of the Rosella plant are edible? In many Caribbean and Asian Cultures the fresh green leaves are part of their staple diet and are eaten almost everyday. They can be eaten raw in salads or cooked as greens either on their own, or with other leafy vegetables and meat.The green leaves of the Rosella plant are used like a spicy version of spinach. They give flavor to salads, fish, stir fries, curry and rice dishes. It is also known as Pacific Sorrel or Red Sorrel. It has a lovely lemony taste like sorrel. In some countries the leaves are mixed with green chillies, salt, some garlic to prepare a chutney which is eaten by farmers as breakfast to start their day. The leaves can be steamed with lentils and cooked with dal or mixed fried leaves with spices and made into famous dish of Andhra and Telangana often described as king of all Andhra foods.It is perhaps the most widely eaten and popular vegetable in Burma. The leaves are fried with garlic, dried or fresh prawns and green chili or cooked with fish. A light soup made from the leaves and dried prawn stock. It can also be cooked along with chicken, fish, crab or pork or any meat. After monsoon, the leaves are dried and crushed into powder, then stored for cooking during winter in a rice powder stew with both dried and fresh fish.
In Mali, the dried and ground leaves, is the main ingredient in at least two dishes, one called djissima-gounday, where rice is slowly cooked in a broth containing the leaves and lamb, and the other dish is called djissima-mafé, where the leaves are cooked in a tomato sauce, also including lamb.

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Find enticing Rosella treats in our recipe page.

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