Wild Lettuce Tonic Tea


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Wild Lettuce - Lactuca virosa

This plant has been wild harvested and used for centuries as a folk medicine. It is now enjoying renewed popularity as a natural pain killer. It is taken for its mild analgesic and sedative effects. Its active ingredient is lactucarium which is known for its sedative properties. For this reason it is advised not to drive or use heavy equipment within 6 hours of taking this product. Wild lettuce is recommended by herbalists as a remedy for severe migraines and is especially effective for women who suffer acute pain during their menstrual cycle. When dried, this compound resembles opium, a pain-relieving agent extracted from unripe seed pods of the opium poppy. Opium was commonly used as a pain reliever and sedative from ancient times into the 19th century. Wild Lettuce (Lactucarium) may deliver similar effects as opium - but with fewer side effects. Historically, doctors used wild lettuce as a pain reliever and a treatment for conditions such as whooping cough. Today, there are many different wild lettuce products available, containing extracts of the plant’s seeds, leaves and milky sap. These tinctures, powders, oils and pills are marketed to treat a range of conditions, including anxiety, breathing issues, poor sleep and joint pain. If you’re considering using wild lettuce, make sure to consult with your health care professional for a dosage recommendation. For further research goto:-¬†https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/wild-lettuce

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